Unconditional Love

“The most painful thing in this world is loving someone who doesn't love you back.” 


You know what sucks about people like you and I? We love too easy. We think that the love we give is the love we're going to get back. But we forget that not everyone is like you and I. Our love for some people is deeper than the ocean. But sometimes we drown. And it's not water that drowns us, but rather the love that runs through our veins and deep within our soul. We drown in our own love. Whether it be water or love, drowning is painful. And that's why we're always in pain. It's not something that's in our control. When you fill a water bottle, it can only be filled to a certain point. If it's too full, you take some water out, right? Just like that, we're filled with love and the only way to not drown is to spread it everywhere else. That's why we're always giving. Giving helps us stay alive. Our happiness lies in giving love to others. But the pain comes when that love isn't being spread by others. We believe everyone deserves to be loved. We, us, you and I; we are a part of everyone. And when we don't get the love from others, we get hurt. We feel pain because we feel like we're not good enough. But that's what this world is like. And it's not going to change no matter how hard you try. So the best thing people like us can do is just be happy and spread the happiness. Spread that love you have inside of you because you'll never run out.