The Forest In My Eyes

You know the saying, “eyes are the windows to the soul?”  Have you ever thought about what this could mean? Or how true this could be? Now think about this: have you ever looked at someone’s eyes and thought about the pain in those eyes? Not a lot of people think about this when they look at someone. When you get a chance, look into someone’s eyes. If you look close enough, it’ll look like a burning forest. You know why? Eyes are the windows to the soul. Every soul is burning with pain; the pain that you may never have experienced, the kind of pain that some people are afraid to even talk about; all sorts of pain because everyone goes through things differently. Some notice it better than others, some hide it better than others, but it’s always there. Everyone has pain. Everyone goes through something. But that’s why I keep saying, smile and make others smile so their pain can go away; for that forest in their eyes to shine with light rather than burn down because of the fiery pain. This world we live in is nothing but an illusion that deceives us all. That’s why it gets to the best of us and tears us apart. Look into people’s eyes and find me one person in which you don’t see pain. There is no one like that in this world. Even a new born baby comes out of the womb with tears in its eyes. I remember when someone came up to me saying my eyes are really pretty, but they seem to be holding a lot of pain. I have regrets and I have guilt trapped inside of me. Perhaps that’s what my eyes tend to show. It’s hard to believe someone when they say they’ve gone through a lot, especially when I tell someone. My personality is so energetic and joyful but my mind often wanders deep into the forest and gets lost in the darkest places. The only way to get rid of this darkness is love. We need to extinguish the fire within us and give off less heat and more love and light. It’s the only way we can get ourselves onto the right path and out of this forest. We need to get out before it burns us all down. The eyes should show paradise, not hell. Our souls should be filled with light, not fire.