Anonymous Friend

You know, there’s always that one person in your life that can make you smile without even trying, whether it’s a parent, a sibling, or a friend; that person means everything to you and you always want to keep them close to your heart. Some believe that only a soulmate can have that effect on a person; I say that’s a lie. Finding a soulmate is a completely different story; they have their own spark; their own way to light up your world. This is about someone other than a soulmate. It’s not always about whom you’re going to spend the rest of your life with; it’s about those people that have stuck by your side from the beginning; through every rollercoaster of your life. For me, that individual in my life is someone very close to my heart; a soul who has taught me how to live my life the right way. I have known this friend for a good thirteen years, but sad to say, not all thirteen of those years were spent with her in my life. It’s a typical story of two best friends going to the same school, one friend leaves, and they both drift apart; however, in this story, years later, the two friends find their way back to each other. Reuniting with old friends is great, but reuniting with old best friends is even greater. I didn’t think it would actually happen, but it did. The years in between when we weren’t in each other’s lives, I went through a lot. I witnessed things I shouldn’t have witnessed, especially at such a young age. Family problems, losing those who mattered most, and depression screwed me up for a really long time; however, I can’t really complain about it because it shaped me into someone who viewed every aspect of life differently, from a new perspective. I started appreciating people more and started seeing the good side to everything because I knew what it felt like to lose people, but I realized you can’t do that in this world we live in because at the end of the day, you’ll get hurt. That’s exactly what happened. I got hurt numerous times and I eventually just gave up. I felt lost, like I didn’t belong. But then, this individual came and managed to set things right. I reunited with an old best friend. Come to think of it, she isn’t just any old best friend, but much more than that. She has this gift of reading people inside and out and knowing exactly what to do when someone’s not feeling right. With the right words to say, she can make anyone feel better. Some people are meant to bring change into your life and that’s how it was for me; I changed. Everyone noticed and they all said it was a positive change. The individual that brought this change is someone I call family now. Someone who knows every little bit there is to know about me, every dark side to ever exist in my life; she knows it all. Perhaps that’s the reason I’m so dependent on her. You know, people say we shouldn’t rely on anyone, especially nowadays when the people of this world bring us down, but I say if you can find one person who genuinely cares for you, no one will ever bring you down. We, as humans, are filled with a void in our hearts that can only be filled with love and care. We look everywhere for it and once it’s found, we realize we were living life the wrong way this whole time. Look deep into your friendships because there’s always that one person who is in your life to fill that void in your heart. You need someone who can be your rock; somebody who can pull you up and get you back on the right track; someone who can get you out of the tunnel of darkness and into the light. And that’s exactly what happened to me. I was lost for a really long time. They say only God can get you back onto the right track, but that doesn’t mean God can’t answer your prayers through somebody else. I am a firm believer of prayers being answered through others because that’s exactly what happened to me. I found my light. And if that person is reading this right now, I’d just like to say this, “For broken souls, God sends Angels, and I’m so thankful He sent you to me.”