Broken Soul


She was different. She loved more than anyone could ever imagine. The people she lived amongst didn’t love her enough and that broke her more than anything. Maybe that’s why she loved so much, because she knew what it felt like to not be loved. All she wanted was happiness and the only way she found that was by giving it to others. She gave people her all, even to those that deserved none, but it’s what gave her a reason to live. The smile she saw on people’s faces is what brought happiness into her life. Instead of living for herself, she lived for them. People would tell her to do things for herself, but none of that mattered to her. She was never her priority. It was the people. All she cared about was doing things for others even though none of the love was returned. She never expected anything to be returned to her. There weren’t many people that understood her; just two, actually. But as time passed, she lost both of them. Her fragile soul couldn't take it anymore. It had gone through the roughest times and there was more to come. She wasn't ready to handle it so she wore a mask. She didn't know what else to do. She trusted too easily in the past and it led to heartbreaks. Little did she know the worst animals are humans themselves. They hurt in the most treacherous ways. They're ruthless. The hearts she trusted were the hearts that made her do things under duress. It was something she couldn't come back from. She couldn't take it anymore. She had to wear a mask to protect herself; a mask that hid all the anger, all the sadness, all the cries, all of it, a mask for the outer world so they couldn't see anything, a mask to protect herself.  She didn't have a choice. She didn’t know that someone out there would one day be able to see right through that mask of hers and help her. That someone would see right through the mask and deep into her soul and understand what was going on. Someone who would read her heart and put the broken pieces together and care for it so it doesn't break again. They would worry about her heart more than anyone and make sure it doesn't get hurt again. Only that person deserves to see what's behind the mask. No one else. And you know what, one day she found that someone. Someone who came and stayed. Someone who made everything better. She found her true self again. Someone came into her life and helped her up and got her back on her feet again. She changed, but that change was for the better. She’s been broken and that’s why now she would go around fixing everything, perhaps because she knew what it felt like to be broke and helpless. If you’re ever down, just know that someone will cross your path and help you back up. There’s always someone for broken souls. Just don’t lose your light while giving others light; people need you more than they know. She gave her happiness to a lot of people, but lost hers along the way, but was lucky enough to find someone to help her find it again…I was lucky. Just know, you need to be better than that.