Reading An Old Book


“Raah teri tak takk, Thak gaiyan main” which literally translates to, “I’ve been looking on the paths you used to travel and now I’ve become tired.”

            Often times, looking down a path you used to travel with someone will only bring you exhaustion. Sometimes it’s the memories, and other times it’s the things that you could have done differently. No matter what the reason may be, looking back is often more painful than the journey on that path itself.

            It’s crazy to think that someone who was a complete stranger can come into your life and rattle you from within. So much so that you start talking like them, listening to the same music as them and can’t imagine a better person to compliment you and your lifestyle. You and that individual become like the summer in June: it just works.

            Now imagine that stranger who became your all and then suddenly they left you; but soon you watch them walking back on the same road they left you on — do you walk further away or lessen the distance? It’s a battle we’ve all faced at one point or another. Call it ex-issues or someone creeping back — the fact of the matter is that they left you and now they resurfaced. The worst thing a relationship can have is ego: this actually does more damage than good.

Relationships are supposed to be humbling and a way to learn about your partner and yourself. I used to give examples to people about the similarities between books and relationships — once you turn a page you don’t go back.

After seeing a few of my friends go through similar situations, I realized my own metaphor could be wrong. A book that you enjoyed can be read again; maybe while reading the book, you missed a line, an important line that could have changed the ending completely.

            What would you do? Would you turn the page and never look back or give that book another chance?