When Someone Is Around

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“Jab koi hotha hai thab kiso ko uski kadar nehi hothi.”

“When someone is around, we don’t have much value for him or her.”

         Why is it when we have someone, we don’t value him or her? Why is it that we push away the ones that care for us the most? As a guy I’m not going to make excuses, we’re dumb and we don’t value the women in our life, but I’ve been noticing a recent trend. Both men and women have become so conditioned to assholes and rude individuals that we don’t value the good people.

         I caught myself fighting for people to stay in my life that wouldn’t fight for me. I caught myself countlessly getting hurt over the people I would take a bullet for. The scary part about being with someone romantically or even as friends is that you never know what’s going on in their mind. The person can give you any bullshit excuse to pull away from you or push you away; only for you to feel abandoned, used and taken for granted. See, in a society that makes things simpler, we have over complicated love. Now due to our over complications we have made it hard to get close to someone, but easier to have someone completely destroy us from within.

         Failures in friendships and love should never define who you are as a person, but they slowly make you have trust issues. These issues start from others but in the end you are left questioning yourself. Which is why I stopped writing and blogging for almost 6 months. I met a lot of new people, traveled and then realized not everyone has the same intentions as you. Not everyone is pure and real as you, but I I know that’s just how the world is now. Not many people care as deeply for you as you would for them. My father always said start walking on your journey and others will join you. This is my road and whoever joins me will do it because in the end when I walk away, that’s when you’ll realize how lonely your road really is.