"Question my journey and I'll show you the paths I paved"-Kay Irfan





25 year old Kay Irfan was born in New York, but was raised in the DMV area. With his ability to mix his traditional roots with a modern touch. He will always be able to connect with anyone reading his blogs. Click the button below to access his personal blog. 

Mens Fashion Blog 


Style is a way to express yourself, its a way we to connect to others without the use of words. Whether we stick to the classics or try the trends, it comes down to expression. We at kirfanlive believe in the boss mentality, when it comes to fashion.  (B)old. (O)riginal. (S)imple. (S)leek.



“His ability to pull you in and not let you go until the last line is something really special!”--Mareena Kazmi

" KirfanSpeaks will captivate your attention until the very end and leave you feeling speechless yet understood!"- Niha Khurana


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